Gutless Club - Weight & Waist Loss Program

Overweight and obesity is one of the leading causes of absenteeism, tiredness and poor productivity in the workplace, as well as significantly increasing a range of health risk factors.

How it works

The Gutless Club is an engaging and interactive 10-week waist and weight loss challenge that helps individuals make the simple changes they need to get more out of every area of life.

Engage your people through the purpose built mobile app, on site consultations and presentations, or a combination of both to get the best results. The Gutless Club is a dynamic, effective and proven health risk reduction program.

The app includes a stage by stage menu planner, food diary, steps tracker that links with leading wearable brands, daily focus, check in survey, social club, videos, podcasts, even a Club Chef competition for users to show off their culinary skills.

Weight & waist management is a key driver
of reducing an individual’s health risk profile

National Health Survey: First Results, 2017-18 , Australian Bureau of Statistic. A picture of overweight and obesity in Australia 2017, AIHW

Almost 2 in 3
Australian adults were overweight or obese in



of Australian adults
were obese in 2017-18

60% of men & 66% of women

had a waist circumference

that put them at an increased

risk of chronic disease in 2017-18

$8.6 billion

cost to the economy
from overweight &
obesity in 2011–12

Overweight & obesity increases the likelihood of many chronic health conditions & death

Clear objectives

& outcomes

Gutless Club targets key lifestyle changes and habits that lead to positive individual and organisational health outcomes.

Full inidividual and executive summary and analysis for the organisation is provided throughout the challenge with a final report at the conclusion of the program.

Executive Summary Data

Our easy access executive reporting is tailored to measure the key performance goals established for
the program, and to measure the key health indicators that influence illness and injury outcomes.

Our individually focused, integrated & structured process is

key to achieving tangible outcomes for your organisation

Onsite Services

One of our engaging physiologists onsite provides your employees with:

  • Relational connection and accountability via face to face assessment, support & coaching.

  • Monitoring of objective health changes via regular assessment.

  •  Presentations & broader site engagement/participation & awareness.

Offsite Services

Dedicated offsite phone, email & SMS support provides:

  • Additional coaching, accountability & support for users whilst not at work.

  • Additional access to the program for those unable to access on-site services.

  • Greater use of on-site time by ensuring all days are fully booked & targeting the highest risk users for maximum benefit.

Digital Services

App based technology for smart phone or tablet provide your employees with:

  • Personalised programs & action plans linked to their on-site health assessment

  • Risk specific communication & support

  • Interactive tools & resources to improve health & injury risks.

See how the Gutless Club program can engage

your organisation & make a positive difference

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