HydraWalk - Team Health Challenge

Keeping employees motivated around health & positive change can be difficult. Through the HydraWalk team health challenge, you won’t have to do it alone.

Join the fun & enjoy the positive outcomes that the HydraWalk can bring to your organisation!

The Hydrawalk is a 50-day interactive web and app-based team health challenge that focuses on movement, fruit and vegetable intake, sleep, and managing overall wellbeing.

The web and mobile app both provide the framework for gathering of critical health data, identifying knowledge, attitude, risk, and cultural perception, to deliver tangible results for individuals and organisations. 

Participants receive ongoing support and feedback based on their input and activity, providing a simple but effective framework for encouraging positive lifestyle health decisions.

Heaps of supporting resources along the way

Exercise, warm up, & stretching programs

All prescribed by HBP Group exercise physiologists and provide a safe and purpose specific range of programs.

Menu plans
& recipes

Put together by HBP Group’s national award nominated dietitian Andrew Hall.

The daily


Provides individual feedback & ongoing data tracking to help participants monitor & improve results over the challenge.

Website &
mobile app

Offering a different focus topic each day to allow users to keep accumulating good habits over the course of the challenge.

summary reporting

Provides regular feedback throughout the challenge
on participants progress
 across a series of metrics.

Engaging mobile App

The mobile app integrates leading wearable technology to track users’ steps, plus offers other interactive elements to keep participants interested and engagement throughout the challenge.

Key features of the app include: guided maps of a virtual journey, 360º panoramas, travel blogs, team challenges and a trophy room full of rewards users can earn along the way.

Users can take it to the next level with the exercise planner and workout mode, or join the social club conversation with like minded people trying to get the most out of their health.

There are also leader-boards, menu plans, and pod-casts to walk along to, plus plenty of other mini challenges and incentives to help keep users motivated.

Want to get more out of the challenge?

Add a pre and post challenge health check and other support options to get the most
out of the HydraWalk, and pin point what/where your organisations current risks are.

Our individually focused, integrated & structured process is

key to achieving tangible outcomes for your organisation

Onsite Services

One of our engaging physiologists onsite provides your employees with:

  • Relational connection and accountability via face to face assessment, support & coaching.

  • Monitoring of objective health changes via regular assessment.

  •  Presentations & broader site engagement/participation & awareness.

Offsite Services

Dedicated offsite phone, email & SMS support provides:

  • Additional coaching, accountability & support for users whilst not at work.

  • Additional access to the program for those unable to access on-site services.

  • Greater use of on-site time by ensuring all days are fully booked & targeting the highest risk users for maximum benefit.

Digital Services

App based technology for smart phone or tablet provide your employees with:

  • Personalised programs & action plans linked to their on-site health assessment

  • Risk specific communication & support

  • Interactive tools & resources to improve health & injury risks.

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