Workstation Wellbeing

Focusing on the ergonomic and postural set up of your sedentary workers to reduce their risk of musculoskeletal injury.

Why ergonomics matters

How it works

Using range of engaging interactive tools, workstation wellbeing provides a comprehensive ergonomic check, with personalised feedback and an intuitive assessment factoring in pre-existing postural and musculoskeletal conditioning.
Poor workstation, vehicular, or general workplace ergonomic environment is a leading contributor to absenteeism & injury. Whilst there are a number of fundamental check lists that can be followed to improve an individual’s setup, a one size fits all approach will always come up short. Our workstation wellbeing combines the necessary ergonomic engineering along with an individually tailored postural support and correction program.


of Australian workers have jobs that involve sitting at least some of the time

8-10 hours

is the average daily

sedentary time of

Australian adults


of serious workers claims in

2014-15 were due to injury & musculoskeletal disorders

Prolonged sitting is associated with a range of chronic physical & mental health conditions

Must more than just an assessment!

Full executive reporting is available to the organisation to indicate areas of re-occurring concern or identification of increased risk. Individuals are immediately provided with daily stretch and conditioning programs according to their ergonomic and postural assessment.

An interactive mobile app is also available to further support and encourage appropriate movement & muscular release throughout the day.

Our individually focused, integrated & structured process is

key to achieving tangible outcomes for your organisation

Onsite Services

One of our engaging physiologists onsite provides your employees with:

  • Relational connection and accountability via face to face assessment, support & coaching.

  • Monitoring of objective health changes via regular assessment.

  •  Presentations & broader site engagement/participation & awareness.

Offsite Services

Dedicated offsite phone, email & SMS support provides:

  • Additional coaching, accountability & support for users whilst not at work.

  • Additional access to the program for those unable to access on-site services.

  • Greater use of on-site time by ensuring all days are fully booked & targeting the highest risk users for maximum benefit.

Digital Services

App based technology for smart phone or tablet provide your employees with:

  • Personalised programs & action plans linked to their on-site health assessment

  • Risk specific communication & support

  • Interactive tools & resources to improve health & injury risks.

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