Healthy Foundations for Mental Wellbeing

A positive and practical approach to mental health, identifying the key health factors that we can control, and the lifestyle changes we can make to better withstand the demands of life.

How it works

The complete healthy foundations program has been developed by our team of health professionals, including psychologist, exercise physiologist, dietician, and occupational therapist. The program includes presentations, individually responsive consultations, and the digital check-in and process framework. It is the balancing of the education and understanding around stress, anxiety, and depression, with a very practical and personal response to mitigation that makes our healthy foundations for mental wellbeing so effective.

Elements of the program can be tailored to best fit the organisations needs and budget.

Program objectives

Education & awareness

Provide awareness around the critical components of mental wellbeing & individual identification

Early identification & intervention

Provide early identification of mental health concerns & implement appropriate triage intervention & mitigation

Mental health risk management

Provide practical & effective mechanisms of managing individual & site-based mental health risk

Measurable improvement

Provide measurable improvement of individual knowledge, attitude, behaviour & risk around mental wellbeing

Our individually focused, integrated & structured process is

key to achieving tangible outcomes for your organisation

Onsite Services

One of our engaging physiologists onsite provides your employees with:

  • Relational connection and accountability via face to face assessment, support & coaching.

  • Monitoring of objective health changes via regular assessment.

  •  Presentations & broader site engagement/participation & awareness.

Offsite Services

Dedicated offsite phone, email & SMS support provides:

  • Additional coaching, accountability & support for users whilst not at work.

  • Additional access to the program for those unable to access on-site services.

  • Greater use of on-site time by ensuring all days are fully booked & targeting the highest risk users for maximum benefit.

Digital Services

App based technology for smart phone or tablet provide your employees with:

  • Personalised programs & action plans linked to their on-site health assessment

  • Risk specific communication & support

  • Interactive tools & resources to improve health & injury risks.

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