Interactive health & wellbeing app tailored to your companies needs

Our multi-faceted mobile application provides support to the core elements of our programs. Hosting a wide range of resources and interactive modules to further enhance individual engagement, identify risks and provide support/intervention where it’s needed most.

Providing all of your people with convenient access to our programs - anywhere, anytime!

Key features that can be incorporated

Manage bookings

A convenient tool which allows users to quickly & easily book in for new appointments with HBP Group &/or manage any existing appointments.


Tracking 9 positive process elements & monitoring 3 risk identification areas. It's about doing the little things consistently, that make a big difference.

Health summary

Allows users easy access to all of their results. Detailed breakdowns for each metric give an overview of how users are tracking & what their current risks are.

Stress diary

Helping individuals to identify what is stressing them & how they respond mentally, physically, & emotionally is a key step to managing stress effectively.

Health Matters articles

Provides users with a range of relevant & educational resources across different areas of health & wellbeing. These are continually produced & updated.

Menu planner & diary

Users can select from our wide range of healthy food recipes & menu plans. The food diary enables users to see how the food they are eating effects them.

Messages & reminders

Users are able to receive instant messages & reminders about the program, as well as being able to set themselves reminders about their own health goals.

Exercise planner

Offering ready-made programs to suit all levels of fitness. An exercise scheduler, reminders & work out mode help users get the most out of their workouts.

Live chat

Allows users to communicate instantly with HBP Group team members when they are online. Additionally, the Bot feature allows for 24/7 program support.

Elearning & surveys

Covering a range of topics such as: Manual Handling, Healthy Foundations for Mental Wellbeing, Managing Fatigue, & Live Better Longer

Early identification of key risk areas leads to reduced cost of intervention & mitigation, & improved outcomes

Proactive tools for early intervention

Check-in Programs

Focused on early identification & intervention of key health & wellbeing risks. The programs combine on-site presence with phone & digital support, all centred around a purpose-built app Check-in survey instrument.
The Check-in framework provides risk identification & management across the areas of mental wellbeing, injury, fatigue, &/or general health.
The programs are a great tool for large or geographically diverse organisations where it is not economically or physically practical to see workers face to face on a regular basis.

Ready Safe

The Ready Safe check-in instrument is a tailored tablet or mobile app-based program developed by HBP Group to promote safe thought and action in the workplace. The program uses organisation-specific role and task examples and descriptions, plus images of your people and site, ensuring that your employees are Ready Safe for work everyday.

Ready Safe also helps to pro-actively monitor a number of primary health and lifestyle risks that are often key contributors to workplace incidents and injuries.

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